Effortlessly Integrate Zendesk and Salesforce

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Account/ Organization Sync

Automatically sync Salesforce account changes into Zendesk organization and Zendesk organization changes into Salesforce account. Workato recipes do checks to prevent duplicate Organizations/ Accounts from being created.
If the corresponding records already exist, the records are updated.

User/Contact Sync

Automatically sync Salesforce lead and contact changes to Zendesk user. We've also provided additional recipes so that you may configure a bi-directional synchronization between Zendesk and Salesforce.

Turnkey Automation for Master Data Management

Exclusively for Zendesk Customers

Seamless Transition. Endless Benefits.

You may have been affected by the Removal of legacy Salesforce integration managed package. 

We know it's hard to transition. That's why Zendesk and Workato pledge to make the transition as easy as possible. We'll keep your systems up and running, make your integrations even better, and make sure your Zendesk and Salesforce apps talk to each other like they are a couple of old pals.

Exclusive Offering

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Ready to try the Zendesk exclusive offering?  We're giving you 30 days to see how easy it is to get going. 

Register with a service account, a user account that is created explicitly for running Workato integrations. 

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Zendesk Special Plan


Billed monthly

Term: Annual


  • Two application connections, one for Zendesk and one for Salesforce
  • Turnkey recipe templates for automating: 
    - Salesforce account to Zendesk organization sync
    - Salesforce contact / lead to Zendesk user sync
  • Workato Zendesk Setup Guide
  • Up to 750,000 tasks/yr
  • 10 Minute polling interval
  • Support:
  • Email, forum, chat
  • Hours (5AM to 5PM PST Mon-Fri, except Holidays)
  • Looking for white glove delivery? Learn more .

Want to upgrade to a full Workato plan? See the full platform capabilities here: https://www.workato.com/integrations/zendesk.

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