5 Signs You've Outgrown Zapier

Is moving from Zapier to Workato right for you?

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Workato is lightyears beyond other products I have used in the past. It is much easier to use and very intuitive. It's also architected for the modern ecosystem of API-based applications.

Aaron Yee

Sr. Technical Marketing Manager


Workato has blown me away. What I was able to do in a couple of hours would have taken months of custom development work if we had taken that on ourselves.

Drew Parker

Business Systems Engineer


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"Workato is Zapier on Steroids. It is a perfect blend between a simple out of the box connection with Zapier, and hiring a developer to create a custom integration. It can create complex integrations without the expense of a custom developer."


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Advanced Problem Solving without Coding

Workato ensures you don't miss or lose any data. Use the unique "Time Machine" for historical data sync, bulk & batch operations for data migration or initial load; capture all data- new and updated; import data from files or export to files. No matter how complex your processes, you can easily do it with Workato.

Enterprise-Grade Security and Control

Enforce policies to control access for creating, changing and operating recipes. Easily monitor and audit activity, access and changes. SAML-based SSO or LDAP integration to centralize  controls authorization to all accounts & applications.

The platform provides data security with end-to-end encryption and data privacy with data masking.

Zapier workato

Advanced Syncing Problems

Can it move/sync existing data? No Yes
Can it guarantee zero data loss? No Yes
Can it sync changed/updated items to keep data in sync? No Yes
Can you use it for importing and exporting large volumes of data? No Yes
Can it support batch operations for high throughput? No Yes
Can it support bulk triggers, custom queries (e.g. SOQL)? No Yes

Workato is a perfect blend between a simple out of the box connection with Zapier and hiring a developer to create a custom integration. It can create complex integrations without the expense of a custom developer."

Jon Q


“First off, your solution is awesome and I'm so glad I gave it a shot. It blows Zapier away.”

Eric Prugh

Essential Connectivity and Critical Operation Support

Connect to core enterprise apps for HR (Workday), Finance (Netsuite), ERPs (SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite), and databases (e.g. Oracle) for truly mission-critical automation. 

Build advanced automation using the power of branching (IF-THEN), aggregation, merging and routing operations, 225K+ community recipes, callable recipes, lookup tables and more to quickly automate complex business processes.

Zapier workato

Enterprise Level Security

Does it give you control to keep your sensitive customer and business data safe? No Yes
Can you enforce policies for access control to limit what each role can view, create, change and operate? No Yes
Can your company meet the industry standard compliance and security to protect internal and customer data? No Yes
Can you monitor and create reports to track consumption, change impact, dependencies and audit activity/access/changes? No Yes
Zapier workato

Reliable Enterpise Connectivity

Can it connect database apps and ERPs used by your company? No Yes
Can it connect to mission critical HR , IT, Finance apps e.g. Workday, ServiceNow? No Yes
Can you securely connect to apps in your corporate data center e.g. databases, ERP without opening up the firewall? No Yes
Can it support advanced logical operations - IF-THEN/branching, aggregation, merging, routing - that your business processes need? No Yes
Can it process advanced data types - arrays, nested data structures; parse, create or move documents, media files, attachments? No Yes
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Workato Covers Every Part of Your Mission Critical Automation