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Managing Business Systems including cloud and on-premise applications is critical to driving digital initiatives in an organization. After talking to a number of Business Systems leaders, we realized that this group was underserved and there was a hunger to have a dedicated community where they could discuss their challenges, exchange ideas, and more. 

After quickly growing to 200+ members within a year, we realized that women Biz Systems leaders were also demanding a space of their own, where they could discuss their own unique challenges and share insights. That's why we started the all-female Business Systems community, where members can exchange best practices and collaborate with one another both in-person and online. 

Example workflows our customers have built

Sales order creation with Closed-won opportunities

Sales - Deal desk workflow in Slack

Support - syncing Salesforce cases with support tickects in Zendesk

Syncing Support cases with Engineering tickets

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Monica Wilkinson

Sri Pasumarthi

Mandy Shimshock

Natasha Irani

Pratibha Singh


this Community

This is an invite-only community for women Business Systems professionals. 

Acting alongside the larger community, this all-female group has both online and in-person elements. We're in the planning phases, so make your voice heard!

Meet other women professionals in-person at our meetups, or engage with our 200+ strong network of business systems leaders from across the world in our online forum: Biz Systems Ninjas.

Get Tactical Feedback from the Biz Systems Ninjas

Our online community at-large is a place to engage with 200+ Business Systems leaders from SF, NYC, Singapore and beyond. 

Learn from how others have solved systems challenges, hear tool evaluation opinions, and more. 

“Business Systems are so glued into everything. We have insights into teams nobody else has. So, we have an opportunity to be that influencer, share actionable insights, and bring innovation to the table.” 

- Sri Pasumarthi, Vice President of Business Technology at Arlo

A community for Women in Systems jobs - mentorship, discussion, and community

Amrutha Suresh

Women in Business Systems

Upcoming Meet Up

When:  Friday, Nov. 20th

Time:    12m-1pm PT

Where: Zoom


Amrutha Suresh, Business Architect at Pandora, will kick off the discussion by addressing managing work life balance in this COVID era.  We will have a live Q&A and introductions!