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Integrating Salesforce can be challenging as it needs to support your custom objects and custom fields. Learn from our series of webinars where we show you how you can easily integrate and automate workflows across Salesforce and the different apps you use in your business.

Get automated workflows across departments so your employees become productive and don't have to leave the apps they use the most.

Salesforce Webinar Series

Advanced Marketo Integrations & Workflows with CRM and Ecommerce

When you work with so many apps, how do you ensure that data gets synced timely and efficiently, so you can run highly targeted Marketo campaigns and boost revenues?

In this webinar, we'll share customer-backed customer stories that helped them:

- Cut 80% of manual work by streamlining your workflows
- Easily measure marketing campaigns by revenue instead of just clicks from the Ecommerce system
- Effectively track 360-degree customer touchpoints
- Orchestrate lead cleansing and enrichment without using more tools

Introduction to Workato

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Join us in this introduction where we'll cover the new integration landscape and how you can reap all the benefits of connecting your cloud apps without the drawbacks.

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Workato Partner Program Introduction

Want to grow revenues while helping your customers with integrations? Learn more about our Partner program and join hundreds of consultants, including over 40 Salesforce MVPs, who have chosen Workato as their preferred integration product.

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Workato Expert Hour

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Having trouble with your recipes? Keep stumbling into errors and roadblocks while using Workato? Want to learn more on specific features? Ask our experts in this webinar!

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Advanced Slack Workflows for Support, Marketing, Sales and HR

Already use Slack for your team communication? Include Slack in your workflows and streamline your Support, Marketing, Sales and HR processes. Register below to learn how you can easily customize your workflows to get highly relevant notifications in Slack, as well as take actions in your apps without leaving Slack.

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Workato Product Hour is a recurring bi-weekly session where we do a deep dive into one popular product feature. In this session, the Workato product and customer success team will explore the various use cases, implementation guidelines and best practices for using them.

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Workato Product Hour

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