5 Zoom Automation Hacks for Your Business


Workato 2020 

In the In the era of remote work, virtual events have become a reality for the future. Zoom has been a frontrunner, with its daily active users jumping from 10 million to over 200 million in just a few months.

From connecting us to our friends and family, to hosting happy hours and conferences, to conducting new hire interviews and customer meetings, Zoom is at the center of all virtual interactions

So how can you and your business level-up your Zoom interactions to do more?

Join our upcoming session with Scott Sugimoto, Director, Outbound Product Management, to learn how unexpected automations for Zoom can help you connect to the right leads, close more deals faster, and enhance the employee experience.

  • Optimize sales efficiency by connecting Zoom to CRM

  • Increase event attendance, minimize no-shows

  • Drive insights by loading webinar data into Snowflake

  • Create better employee experience and engagement

  • Reduce license costs with usage monitoring



Wednesday, June 17th 2020  

11 AM - 11:30 AM PT 

Thursday, April 9th 2020 

11 AM - 11:30 AM PST

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Workato 2020

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