I really enjoyed working with Eeshan. I am not a coder, and Workato is a simple enough platform that allows me to create my own recipes. They are pretty logic based and self-explanatory.

It was really fun to be able to connect with experts at Workato and get into those little obstacles you hit on your own. They have the answers right there for you to get you going.

The enthusiasm of everybody in the room, where people are discussing recipes and sharing knowledge. We got things done which would have taken week or two to build those recipes.

Avinash Deshpande

Chief Solution Architect, Logitech

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Re-imagine integration with myriads of innovative possibilities with Slack and Workato. You will be excited about creating solutions that seem improbable with other products.

Connect with a vibrant community of your peers who will share their knowledge, best practices and awesome recipes to help you learn and build better solutions.




What our Heroes Say

Enjoy dedicated time with our Slack and Workato experts to build out your workflows with the apps you love. Explore how Slack and Workato can be used to design creative solutions for your unique business needs.

Walk away with a working, automated workflow integration and a better understanding of the possibilities Workato can unlock for your business. 

Work with Experts


436 Lafayette Street

New York, NY 10003

Workato is lightyears beyond other products I have used in the past, it is much easier to use and it is very intuitive. It is also architected for the modern ecosystem of API based applications.

Aaron Yee, Okta

$10,000 in prizes to be won by the most innovative solutions. Build a solution that not only improves your business process  but where you also have some fun doing it.

Jazmin Sandoval

Digital Marketing Manager, Ultimate Ears Pro

Will Balson

Support Engineer, Box

Go from Zero to Workato Hero in Hours!



28 March, 2018

San Francisco, CA

26 April, 2018

Redwood City, CA


5:00PM      Networking
5:15PM      Demo and Intro to the 
bot building platform, Workbot
6:15PM      Hacking officially begins
8:45PM      Hacking officially ends

9:00PM      Closing Ceremony


Build a digital command center with Slack and Workato

5:00 PM       Networking


Build your own interactive chatbot to automate reviewing status of customer support or engineering ticket; post updates to tickets, respond to customer queries directly from Slack; Assign tasks/tickets from Slack without having to login to JIRA or Zendesk.

Handle security operations from Slack. Workbot can connect Okta to Slack for you to receive security notifications (such as an anomaly in login pattern) and act on it right from Slack. View recent logins, see related groups a user is in, and activate/deactivate accounts.

Resolve issues faster with chatops.

Monitor, Escalate, Fix - Do it all with Bots.

5:15 PM       Presentation by Slack

5:45 PM       Introduction to bot building platform, Workbot 

6:15 PM       Let's get started

Close opportunities faster with deal desk in Slack.

When a deal desk request is created from Salesforce, a notification will be posted to a specific channel or DM. Workbot authenticates the user to ensure sufficient privileges to administer that action, logging the action  into Salesforce automatically.

Code Less, Do More Hackathon

at Slack NYC

From Zero to Slack Bot Hero in hours + 

Win $10K in prizes

Date: Wed, June 13 2018

5:00PM - 9:00PM

Location: Slack office 

436 Lafayette Street

New York, NY 10003


8:45 PM       Prize presentation ceremony


  • An integration or workflow use case that you would like to implement
  • A Slack team and account - sign up for one on www.slack.com if you do not have one
  • Access and credentials to the applications that you want to integrate with Slack
  • A Workato account - sign up for one on www.workato.com