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  • Processing CSV files on-prem or in cloud storage
  • Working with large files with streaming
  •  Best practices for managing exceptions and errors
  • Working with variable headers, fixed format files
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When importing data into a database or exporting data from your business applications, using CSV files or fixed format files is a universal way. But these files come with their own challenges like large size, variable headers, missing data and more. 

In this session, we will work through examples of loading data from or publishing data to files.

Going beyond iPaaS with Automation, AI and Bots

Thursday, Dec 13, 2018

11:00 AM PT


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 We invite you to join us in this webinar where we will take a deeper dive into data and application integrations, workflow automation powered by NLU/NLP; integration with conversational platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams; and connecting to IoT.

  • API Management
  • Creating an Intelligent Helpdesk using NLU/NLP
  • Intelligent case routing using AI/ML technologies
  •  Conversational automation using Voice/Messaging apps
  • Generating image, video and audio intelligence from unstructured media
  • Moving large volumes of data using ETL into DataWarehouse