Manually uploading new email sign ups or importing CSV files may seem doable at first, but as you scale this process can quickly begin to hinder your everyday operations. Integrating your apps so the data transfer is automatic eliminates manual data entry.


Get Rid of Manual Data Entry

Increase Productivity


Automation frees up hours for higher level activities. Because the possibility of human error is completely eradicated and our integrations check for duplicates, errors are greatly reduced, saving time and money. 

Make Tasks Automatic


Automatically invoice when you mark an opportunity closed in Salesforce. Create a Github ticket automatically from Freshdesk and pass comments from JIRA to other apps. Automation gets all the necessary but time consuming tasks done for you. 

Step Inside Our Kitchen

The average enterprise uses 1,427 apps!

At Workato we use over 100 integration recipes to automate workflows across our apps. Workbot for Slack gives us a unified view of timely information and context across all these apps right in Slack.

We are able to stay on top of all our apps and harness their full power with the automations enabled by the our own integration platform. This book will show you how we've organized and solved problems in Customer Service, Marketing, Sales, and BizOps/DevOps.


we are able to bridge the gap between all of our apps. This gives us a 360 degree view of the business from each app, cuts hundreds of hours that previously had to be used for manual data entry, and saves thousands of dollars on labor costs, app licenses, and more.

By automating our business processes...

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This 146 page guide will take you department by department and show you how we solved the problems every modern company faces in:

1. Customer Service Connectivity

2. Easy Marketing Segmentation

3. More Efficiency, More Sales

4. Streamlining BizOps 

+ best practices from top companies.

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