Before we start, a bit about recipes..

Recipes are integration flows that contain a set of steps that describe how your apps work together. Each recipe contains a 'trigger' and a set of 'actions'.

A 'trigger' describes when the recipe starts. 'Actions' will then be run when the trigger fires. For example: When there's a new account in Salesforce [trigger], create a new Customer in QuickBooks [action].

When a recipe is active, data is moved automatically whenever the trigger event is detected. It runs in the background until you manually stop it.

Step 1: Search for a recipe

There are thousands of pre-built recipes in the Workato community available for you to choose from. Simply 'Explore' and Search for the recipe that suits your needs.



Step 2: Copy the recipe

Once you have found the right recipe, all you have to do is:

1. Make a copy of it by clicking on the 'Get recipe' button

2. Connect your apps to allow Workato to gain access to your apps. You'll be asked to provide your app credentials so we can integrate your data between the apps. Be rest assured that your data is safe with us.

Simply click on the 'Start Recipe' button to run your recipe and your data will be moved once the trigger event is detected!

Pro Tip: We encourage users to test their recipes before starting. If you have a separate test or sandbox environment, try the recipe on the test system. Or, you can test by limiting the number of records being processed. Make use of our "Since" parameter to only process a few records to check if the recipe works well, and then fine tune it if necessary.


Optional Step: Enable your custom objects and fields

Workato is capable of dynamically pulling in your custom fields from your apps. They will be labelled accordingly as shown. However, some of the custom fields may not show up accurately and you'll need to enable them manually.

Custom objects

Connecting your apps has never been easier

“This is the sort of integration tool I have been dreaming of! If you hit a wall try smashing through it with Workato.” 
Scott Hollrah, Managing Partner of Venn Technology
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Why Workato
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How it Works

How Workato Works

Workato is a cloud based service that lets you connect web applications easily. With our simple drag and drop interface, we allow you to build multi-step integrations with multiple apps so that data can flow seamlessly across your favorite applications. 


On the Workato platform, there is an open community where you can collaborate with people with similar integration needs, so you can share and improve upon each others' integration flows. There are thousands of pre-built integration flows between 75 of the most popular apps to choose from, and you can simply copy those integrations. Or, you can build your own integration flows quickly and easily to get going with connecting your apps.


Connect your apps in 5 easy steps!

Step 4: Start the recipe

Once you have found the right recipe, you have the ability to tweak the recipe to make it exactly what you want. You can easily add steps above or below the existing steps, or change the data mapping in the recipe to make sure that the right data is transferred.

Step 3: Tweak your recipe logic

Step 5: Check your job history

Workato allows you to retrospectively check what was processed by the recipe. Every event processed by the recipe is called a job. After you have successfully run your recipe, you can check your job history and see what data was transferred.

In addition, any error that occured will be flagged and you can simply make changes to your recipe based on the error logs.

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