Time it takes for Workato customers to get their 1st automation done

"The efficiency that Workato automation is able to drive at Box is really powerful because Workato is such an easy tool to deploy and then modify and expand over time... It feels like it took us less time to automate the entire process with a Workato recipe than to onboard one partner manually!”

Julien Bassan

Director Partner Platform Program, Box

"I had the basic integration up and running in 1 day and with total enhancements it took maybe a week. I built the Jira/Salesforce integration myself and I can’t code at all, so it’s really amazing to me."

Cheryl Feldman

Salesforce Admin (MVP)


Automations are cloned from an existing recipe

"Workato is lightyears beyond  other products I have used in the past. It is  much easier to use and very intuitive. It is architected for the modern ecosystem of API-based applications

Aaron Yee | Okta

Sr. Technical Marketing Manager

"We got things done in a day, which would have  taken weeks or months otherwise

Avinash Deshpande 

Chief Solution Architect, Logitech

"I am not a coder and Workato is a simple enough platform  that allows me to create  my own recipes. It is pretty logic-based and self-explanatory."

Jazmin Sandoval 

Digital Marketing Manager, Ultimate Ears Pro


Customers get their 1st automation done within a week