For the next few months, the Systematic Community is exploring the ways in which Business Technology teams support finance operations at their organizations. From Order-to-Cash to CPQ, Revenue Recognition, and more, tune in to our upcoming virtual events to gain tactical advice straight from the pros at companies like HashiCorp, Yelp, and Cloudfare.


A focus on FinOps

Sai Garnepudi

Sr Manager, Salesforce Architecture & Development at HashiCorp

Two CPQ experts on building a process that scales

Sai Garnepudi, Senior Manager of Salesforce Architecture & Development at HashiCorp, and Sandeep Mishra, Staff Business System Engineer at Databricks, are set to share best CPQ practices they’ve learned from hands-on implementations. The duo will explain how they have built automation and data models that scale not only with your CPQ, but also with Salesforce and other downstream systems.  

Abhijit Kumbhar

Sales Operations Manager, Business Process @ Cloudflare

June 16, 2022: 10am PT/1pm ET

Quote-to-Cash systems in modern businesses

July 8, 2022: 12pm PT/3pm ET

Quote-to-Cash applications are crucial to a company’s growth because they span across multiple business functions and contribute directly to revenue. For this reason, it’s critical to design solutions in this space that are scalable, flexible, and reusable. Abhijit Kumbhar, Sales Operations Manager, Business Process at Cloudflare, will dive into the root-causes of the most-common systems issues and explore alternative ways to design applications for success.

Prakash Raina

Co-founder @ Subskribe

Sandeep Mishra

Staff Business System Engineer at Databricks 

Prakash Raina, Co-founder of Subskribe, will be sharing his expertise on the end-to-end process of Order-to-Cash. He will highlight the differences between Quote-to-Revenue and Quote-to-Order,  Order-to-Cash, and Cash-to-Revenue, while also exploring how to align sales and finance with your process in order to more seamlessly achieve business goals.


August 2, 2022: 12pm PT/3pm ET

How to keep Rev Rec top of mind while implementing Order-to-Cash

5 FinTech professionals share their secrets to success

It’s no secret that FinTech can be extremely complex—but the keys to success don’t have to be kept behind closed doors. For this article, we’re sitting down with 5 FinTech gurus and compiling the most actionable pieces of advice they have for their peers. Learn best practices from Prakash Raina, co-founder at Subskribe; Matthew Treml, Senior Manager of Finance Systems at Yelp; Sean Glang, Director of Corporate Engineering at Recurly; Venkat Ranga, VP of Business Technology at Aryaka; and Alex Westbrook, Manager of Finance Systems at Gitlab. 

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