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How To Get Your Work Done in Slack

A guide to being more productive and getting the most out of your cloud apps using Workbot by Workato.

Sr. Technical Marketing Manager at Okta

Workato is lightyears beyond other products I have used in the past. It is much easier to use and very intuitive. It's also architected for the modern ecosystem of API-based applications.

Aaron Yee

Workbot has been able to cover the role of a marketing coordinator or a marketing associate. That was a huge savings in terms of headcount, so that was a big win for us.

Sierra Summers

Director of Marketing


We want people to use Slack as their hub to interact with other apps during their day-to-day work. In a matter of a few seconds, you have all the information that you previously spent hours gathering.

Application and Integration Engineer

at Rapid7

Priya Dodwad

Learn about an enterprise platform bot for Slack - no coding required!

Intelligent Workflows, ChatOps, Notifications across all your apps

A.I. Driven Deal Desk

Orchestrate an entire sales deal desk in Slack. Assign Leads, manage opportunities, create quotes and request approvals all from the app you use most.


Internal Help Desk and Knowledge Base

Enable teams to ask support questions and make requests straight from Slack. Workbot uses NLU to automatically answer most requests. Any unresolved issues are escalated to support agents that can collaborate to resolve them directly in a channel.


True Customer 360° View

Keep up with your customers every step of the funnel by connecting all sources of the customer journey. Be updated of key touch points and have end-to-end insights available in real-time directly in Slack.


Self-Service Virtual HR Assistant

Welcome the newest member to your team! Workbot can be a self-service HR assistant for all your employee needs. From managing expense reports to asking about benefits, employees are empowered to handle HR items directly in Slack.

The HR team can also use Workbot to manage workflows such as sending offer letters, employee onboarding and vacation approvals. 


Intelligent IT Bot - Escalate and resolve issues from Slack

Context switching kills productivity. Now you can have tickets escalated in real-time and resolve them directly from the app you use most. Enhance Slack to be the primary interface for all your IT apps with simple workflows that any user can interact with.


Use Workbot across multiple teams in your company

Bring the power of your apps into Slack. Eliminate app hopping and get actual work done

across all your teams and the apps they use.

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