Best practices for designing recipes - I


Why should you attend?

Recipes can be used to automate business processes that need to respond to events in real-time; you can also use recipes for data pipelines that move large volumes of data that run on a specific schedule; create APIs and bot applications for Slack and Teams.

Join this Product Hour to learn the best practices for designing recipes for different usage patterns automations, data pipelines, APIs, bots to optimize for performance, exception handling and operations.

Join us in this Product Hour to learn about the best practices that can help you in creating a robust foundation for governnce and security to build, manage, and operate these automations at scale across your enterprise.

What will you learn?

  • Choosing the right trigger/actions 
  • Optimizing for performance
  • Developing standards and reusability
  • Designing for idempotency
  • Documentation for maintainability


Kale Bogdanovs

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Jayesh Shah

VP of Customer Success

Senior Outbound Product Manager


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Thursday, May 27th 2021

11 AM - 12 PM PT

Sai Krishnan

Product Manager