Automated Document Processing Workflow With Ephesoft and Workato


Why should you attend?

Reliable and timely of invoice processing routing and approval is highly critical for any business.

Manual processing of documents results is painful, unproductive, and riddled with errors. It causes bottlenecks that lead to delays in invoice payments, order fulfillment, and loss of customer customer confidence in your business.

Join this Product Hour to learn how you can combine the powers of Ephesoft’s intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions and automations with Workato to set up an end-to-end AP automation workflow, effortlessly extract data from passports, government IDs, visas, W-2s, IR8As, and other documents to downstream systems.

Join us in this Product Hour to learn about the best practices that can help you in creating a robust foundation for governnce and security to build, manage, and operate these automations at scale across your enterprise.

What will you learn?

  • Automate invoice processing for AP
  • Improve cost and efficiency with digital mailroom
  • Instantly process documents for customer onboarding
  • Easily digitize and automate the processing of documents


Stephen Boals

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Jayesh Shah

VP of Customer Success

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Thursday, 11th March 2021

11 AM - 12 PM PT

Chris MacWilliams

Manager, Solution Engineering