Enterprise-Grade Integrations

Business logic

To create a recipe, you have to know your apps and how you want them connected. Our recipes walk you through a linear, guided process, and handle complex logic, conditional actions and multi-step workflows.


For instance, duplication of data can be easily avoided with a conditional step.


Integration services should not be harder to use or more expensive than the apps themselves. Business apps are becoming simpler, more modern and consumerized. The users buying and implementing these apps are not technical and do not want to go to IT or even have access to IT. The requirements for integrating data, workflows, handling exceptions, app customizations and data security remain complex and challenging. Delivering powerful integrations that match up with user skills, expectations and economics has been a hard nut to crack. Until now.


Why Workato?


Workato founders created industry’s first and two of the three largest integration products in the market. We pioneered mobile communication services for consumers globally. We are experts in cloud computing, security and privacy. At Workato, we have re-imagined application integration from the ground up to create an easy-to-use application integration service, one that is also enterprise grade, powerful and secure.


We solved the hard challenges of integrations while making it easy and accessible. Workato costs at least 10X less than other full featured integration services. Doing integrations with Workato is at least 10X faster, making integrations accessible to all.

Making Application Integrations Easier

Managing errors and exceptions

Workato makes it easy to add validation logic to your recipes for incoming data or logic to catch exceptions in your data flows and alert your admins using Workato’s People Task. 


This lets you go beyond automating your workflows to also automate the handling of errors and exceptions in them.

People interactions

People tasks and other asynchronous actions make it easy:

  • To insert steps for management approval of orders or expenses exceeding a limit
  • For an admin to fill out missing data that is not in the source app but required by the target app
  • To send out surveys and wait for a response, before entering the data into another app


Robust Data Management

Integrations between apps must be able to handle complex data, powerful mapping of data between apps and help nip the bad data problem in your company.

Complex data models

Workato works with applications' native data models and gives you powerful capabilities to iterate through these data structures. We support the most complex data structures. 


For instance, it is common for even simple apps like time and expense management or finance and payment to have multi-level lists of lists.

Data Quality

Data errors and inconsistencies are the bane of business. Detecting these errors close to the source and fixing them proactively is critical to the smooth functioning of your business. 


Workato’s intuitive, error logs mirror steps in your recipe and send you pro-active notifications of data errors. You simply fix the offending data and run it through again or delete it and continue. You nip bad data its source, rather than propagating it to other apps and compounding the problem.

Powerful data mapping

Workato makes powerful mapping simple and accessible. We offer 

  • Mapping suggestions for each field based on our library of community recipes and heuristics. 
  • Mapping tables between related fields like “Customer ID” and “Customer Name”, so you don’t have to go through the cumbersome work of getting to the data you want. 
  • Powerful field-level mapping functions for advanced users. 

No matter the need, data mapping with Workato is simple, powerful, and fun!

Security and privacy

Security and privacy of data in our cloud apps is paramount to your business.  We have designed Workato from the start to protect your data.


Workato is the only self-service integration product that has successfully completed SOC2 security audit by the American Institute of CPAs.

The Last Mile Problem

App customization

Workato introspects, picks up and works off your custom data model in the CRM, marketing, financial, and other apps you use vs. the standard objects that ship with these apps. 


When you use a Workato community recipe, we help you to adapt it to work with your customizations, addressing a major shortcoming of vendor-supplied integrations.

User control

A fundamental feature of the Workato recipes is speed and ease with which you can adapt recipes that others have created for your needs. These include:

  • Adding another app to your recipe
  • Replacing one of the apps in the recipe entirely with another app in the same category. 
  • Adding or moving a step above or below the pre-existing steps in the recipe
  • Changing an action in the recipe

All of these puts you in control of your apps, not the other way around!


Workato speeds up integration in three significant ways:


1. You can create recipes and get going with the most complex integrations from scratch in under an hour. 

2. You can re-use existing Workato community recipes and get going in minutes! 

3. Faster yet! We work closely with top app partners and consultants to deliver integrations that you can simply turn on or off! 

Recipes are a core concept of Workato. A Workato recipe is simply a set of steps that describe how your apps work together. You can either create a recipe from scratch or find one that fits your need from thousands of community-created recipes on our service.

Different customers use the same apps differently and need to have them integrated differently. These variations can be minor, such as a custom field, or an additional action, or a big change, such as a new custom object or a custom workflow. Workato puts you in charge of using and customizing the apps however you want and have them work together exactly as you need. 


It is quick, easy to get started with Workato

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