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Contract Automation with DocuSign and Google Sheets

Join representatives from Workato and DocuSign as we show you how to make sending a contract automatic with just 3 simple tools: DocuSign, Workato, and Google Sheets. Get the status of your contracts in real time by simply checking your Google Sheets, use Workato’s special People Task app to Automate Human Data Cleansing and Triage, and much more.

Details: August 10th at 10am (PDT) - This event has passed.


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This is a one-time event

Workato is teaming up with Box and DocuSign to show you how Box automated their Partner Program using Workato, Box, DocuSign and Salesforce. Learn how to automatically deploy a contract when a partner is approved and be able to quickly and easily track the partnership pipeline status inside of Salesforce. Bonus: your contracts are automatically stored neatly in Box by month and year.

Details: August 24th at 10am (PDT) - This event has passed.

This is a one-time event

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Automating Your Partner Program with Box and DocuSign

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Advanced Salesforce Webinar: Top 15 Integration Scenarios

This is a one-time event

Do you use Salesforce and at least one other app in your line of work? Join us in this advanced Salesforce webinar as we do a deep dive into 15 top integration scenarios we've seen people using, and how you can use it, too. Eliminate manual data entry, break down those app silos and let automation do the work for you.

Some scenarios include automating Salesforce with accounting, marketing events, contract management, customer service and more. We'll also show you how you can quickly get info from and take actions in Salesforce right from your messaging tool like Slack, HipChat, Cisco Spark... Who wouldn't want to be more productive so you can focus on what you do best? See you at the webinar!

Details: December 13th at 11am (PST) - This event has passed.

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