Cloud Apps and the Role of Consultants

Current Problems with Integration


Integrated apps are necessary for your customer’s success. But unfortunately there’s no silver bullet.

1. Vendor integrations, where they exist, are limited and inflexible. 
2. Self-service tools are too dumbed down to do realistic integrations.
3. Due to variations in usage of the same apps, (eg: customization or how your clients want them integrated) your options are either custom coding or using complex, IT-focused tools that cost much more than the apps themselves.


Why Cloud Consultants Adopt Workato


Workato has everything your clients need to integrate their apps, no coding knowledge needed.

Powerful and full-featured

We let you create multi-step recipes across multiple apps, check for exceptions, handle complex data and data manipulations, route data through relevant people for approvals, handle app customizations and protect data security and privacy.

Easy to use

We deliver this power in an easy-to-consume, self-service manner. It has never been easier for you to create powerful integrations between apps. It is easier still for your customers. They simply need to start or stop the recipes you built for them.

Companies are spending billions on cloud apps to power their businesses. There are hundreds of cloud apps in every category and anyone can get going with a best-of-breed app for any business function from finance to HR, CRM or marketing in just a few clicks. But as apps usage explodes, so does the need for apps to work together seamlessly. 

As consultants, you advise your customers on the choice of apps, set them up with these apps and connect them so they work together seamlessly. Your customers are non-technical and have limited time and budget. 

Less cost, More speed

Workato costs at least 10X less than tools with similar capabilities. Doing integrations with Workato is at least 10X faster,  making it compelling for you and your customers!

“Our non profit clients have very customized SFDC instances. Workato integration recipes help us create the best non profit solutions”

Cloud for Good

Workato Consulting Partner Program

When you sign up to be Workato consulting partner, you get a special consulting partner account on Workato that gives you the ability to:

Create private recipes and deliver them to your customers. Private recipes are only available to you or the specific Workato user(s) you explicitly share them with. 

Everything you need to create, deliver, manage and support your customers

Monitor and support all your customer integrations in one place with your own admin console.

Stay on top of your customer integrations via proactive notifications of errors with customers integrations.

As a  Workato Consulting Partner,  you are able to either:



"Better business processes require Cloud Consultants & Workato. Best of all, Workato provides cloud consultants with new revenue streams and opportunity for recurring revenues"

Venn Technology


Workato + Consultants = Customer Success

With Workato, you get a tool that makes it easy  to integrate your customers apps and do so efficiently and economically, so you can protect your margins, scale your business and help a lot more customers.  

If you embrace a managed services model, Workato has everything you will need to monitor and support customers business processes on an ongoing basis. That’s a potential new recurring revenue stream for you and peace of mind for your customers.


And you’ll make money off Workato itself either re-selling or referring.


Be a Workato Consulting Partner today!

If you are an ISV and interested in how we are partnering with leading cloud app vendors to power their integrations, email us at


Resell Workato to customers or include Workato in your offering. You purchase Workato at a discounted Premium, Pro or Enterprise plan per customer. Contact us for details.

Refer your customers to Workato and receive a referral fee that is a percentage of the first year’s  subscription they pay to Workato. Contact us for details.

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Consulting Partners

Consultants are at the forefront of making cloud apps work for businesses. We've made it easy for you to deliver, support and monetize integrations.

"Workato is very powerful... it tackles integration gap [that] needed filling for a long time"


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